Friday, November 6, 2009

That Hard Rock.

To tell you the truth, I've always liked rock music. From The Beatles' rock 'n roll to old school; Led Zeppelin's or even U2's pop rock, it's just in my blood. Despite my not-so-rock-chic look, I truly love the music, not too mention the style!

So, to all you ladies who wanted to try out the rock style (get the right makeup with smokey eyes to have that fantastic look), here are few nice fashion pieces that you can shop! Yet again, the style guides that I have provided perhaps could assist you whether you are with or without tudung or hijab. Girls with tudung/hijab can also be stylish! Hesitate no more, just check it out, rockerinas!

Rock on!



  1. elly adekah ini aktiviti ko skrng?
    jualan langsung dari internet?

  2. hey!! yup, for the moment, this is my most loveable thing to do. aku za8!