Saturday, November 7, 2009

Maturely Beautiful.

Look great even in 40s. That's my concrete conclusion after watching 'The Sex and the City" movie. Enjoying the lives of four bestfriends; Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha and Miranda, they definitely know how to flaunt their curves and be so stylish!

No matter how old they are, they still look fantastic and so gorgeous! Hence, I have some latest collection not only to feast the eyes of the 20 to 30s ladies, but also to all you beautiful mamas.

The clothings that I am going to bring you are all in big sizes. But, if you know how to style it up with all the funky accessories, you'd definitely win the crowd! Forget all the tight fitting clothes for awhile and get sassy with these dresses!

**psstt, pregnant mommies, you should have this too!


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